Managed Service Provider & IT Consulting

No hassle information technology consultation and managed services. We do your IT work because what you need is skill.

We are specialized in many areas & can help consult on ongoing projects or help you complete new ones.

We have hosting resources available for Compute, File Storage, Web Apps and Archiving.

As Re-sellers for many of the big name brands, ask for a quote on any products you may need and get deals on pricing.

Managed Services Provider

We have a full list of options when it comes to our services. We can handle everything from supporting your entire infrastructure to single managed services options.

Outsourcing IT management will help you get back on track with other things to worry about while Evolution takes care of your infrastructure for you.

Fully Managed IT Serivce

Fully Managed IT Services for IT-Less businesses or you need to add a bit of different experience to your group we have experts in many fields.

Infrastructure & Networking

Everything from Servers, Networking to Storage we can manage and troubleshoot any issues or projects you might have.

Break - Fix Solutions

Have an issue you or your IT staff need assistance on? We can help.

Infrastructure and Networking
Infrastructure and Networking Management

Managing and Consultation on all of your infrastructure and networking devices. Whether it be, Cloud IT, VM, or any physical On-Prem devices you might have.

1 Year Plans Available
24/7 Packages
VMware Solutions

With our knowledge of Hypervisor solutions we can help with already integrated VM technology as well as help move your infrastructure from physical to the VM world.


Using Automation technologies inside your environment helps streamline everyday IT tasks and freeing your time to do the important things you need to worry about.

Compute, SAN, Switching Environments

We can help manage all compute, storage and switch environments to make sure you downtime is the lowest it can ever be. With us helping, we can bring new ideas to the table that may have not been thought up before.

Backup & Security
Backup & Security

Get your Backup and Security in check with us. We can do a 3rd party audit of your systems, help implement new solutions as well as help monitor current infrastructures to ease IT tasks.

Guaranteed Safe & Secure Hosting Environment
Wide Knowledge of Backup & Recovery Technologies
Backup and Security

Implement and introduce IT backup and DeDuplication Solutions

Offsite Backup Solutions

IT consulting on Offsite Backup solutions to our cloud.

Hardware & Software Purchasing
Hardware and Software Purchasing

Being Partners with many of the big brands you may know can offer your company discounts on all types of different IT equipment that will help you complete you next project.

Delivery of Purchased Equipment Guaranteed
Hardware Installation and Setup Available
Evolution IT Cisco Partner
Infrastructure Equipment

Anywhere from hosting storage or Computer instances in our Partner Cloud to Purchasing an entirely new data-center, we can do it all.

Desktop & End User Devices

All major brands of equipment you may need, we have.

Software Licensing

Software Licensing for new Veeam, VMware, Microsoft products.

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